Dr. Oetker - Super Preserving Sugar, 3:1, 17.5 oz, (500 g)

by Dr. Oetker
$ 5.25

Making homemade preserves has never been easier! To make, rinse and clean 3 pounds of your favorite fruit. Mash or puree and measure for 5 cups of fruit. Stir fruits/juice and Super Preserving Sugar in a large pot. Bring to a boil and stir constantly. Let boil for 3 minutes then skim foam from top. Fill prepared canning jars with the mixture, screw on top and turn upside-down for 5 minutes! Homemade preserves, here you come!

Facts: 17.5 oz. 500g. Product of Germany.
Ingredients: Sugar, 1.8% pectin (as gelling agent), citric acid (as acidifier), sorbic acid (preservative), vegetable shortening.