Dr. Oetker - Chocolateria Dark Chocolate Pudding Cream Mix, 3 oz

by Dr. Oetker
$ 2.95

So unbelievably creamy, so intensely chocolaty and yet so easy! This Dark Chocolate Pudding Mix is the perfect answer for when your chocolate cravings beckon. This packet makes 2 servings and is so easy to make! Simply bring 9.9 ounces of milk to a roiling boil, remove from heat and gradually pour contents while whisking continuously for one minute. Allow pudding to rest for 3 minutes, then stir vigorously again. Pour pudding into a glass bowl or dessert bowls. Serve either warm or chilled!

Facts: 3 oz. 87g. Product of Germany.
Ingredients: 36% chocolate (chocolate liquor, sugar, cacao butter, lecithin (as emulsifier), flavor, sugar, modified starch, maltodextrin, 10% fat reduced cocoa powder, Carrageenan (as thickener), flavor. May contain traces of hazelnuts.