De Ruijter - Milk Chocolate Sprinkles, 14 oz (400g)

by De Ruijter
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Believe it or not, Chocolate Sprinkles are not just for ice cream! In the Netherlands, and other parts of Europe, it is not unusual to eat bread, butter, and Chocolate Sprinkles for breakfast! Release the inner child and give these Milk Chocolate Sprinkles a try! These Sprinkles are also wonderful on ice cream, cake, and cupcakes. To get a real European taste, slather a piece of bread with European butter and coat the bread in Sprinkles. Enjoy with a warm cup of coffee or tea and enjoy!

  • Facts: 14 oz. Product of the Netherlands.
  • Ingredients: Sugar, Skimmed cocoa, Cocoabutter, Skimmed milkpowder, Lactose, Clarified butterfat, Emulsifier (soy lecithin), Flavour.