Dammann Freres - Rooibos Citrus Tea, 25 Cristal Teabags

by Dammann Freres
$ 18.95

Dammann Freres is one of the most beloved and popular tea producers in France. Since the 1900s, Damman has been delighting its consumers with fragrant and flavorful teas that are unmatched in taste and aroma. This blend combines the South African plant rooibos with the acidulous flavor of citrus fruits. In its bright orange box, this tea brings a ray of sunshine into the house! For this specific tea, Dammann Freres recommends infusing for 4-5 minutes using 194-degree water.

Facts: 25 sachets – 1.7 oz. 50g. Product of France.
Ingredients: Rooibos from South Africa, orange peels, essential oils (lime, clementine, blood orange), kola flavor, flower petals.