Crunchoco Chocolate Cookies 4.9 oz. (140g)

by I-Mei
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I-Mei has been a household name in Taiwan since 1934. Known for producing some of the most delicious sweets in Taiwan, I-Mei’s Crunchoco Cookie is a delicious way to snack! These cookies are perfectly crunchy and have the perfect chocolaty flavor with a touch of almond. Enjoy these cookies as a snack or a dessert!

  • Facts: 4.9 oz. Product of Taiwan.
  • Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, Sugar, Vegetable oil (palm oil, palm kernel oil, emulsifier (sorbitan tristerate)), MILK POWDER, Cocoa powder, LACTOSE, WHEY POWDER, ALMOND, SOY LECITHIN, Leavening agents (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate), Cocoa mass, Artificial flavorings (chocolate, vanilla), Salt.