Corsiglia - Marron Glaces, Prestige line, 8 Pcs (160g)

by Custom Source
$ 24.90

No one does Marrons Glaces like the French do Marrons Glaces. And of the French, the Corsiglia brand has made its mark as a leader in Marrons Glaces. Corsiglia Marron Glaces are celebrated for their high quality and artisanal mastermind. Chestnuts are cooked, and when the skins are carefully peeled off while they are still warm. Then, the chestnuts are slowly cooked in sugar and vanilla repeatedly until the sugar permeates the chestnut. Finally, the procedure is complete when the chestnut holds a single drop of syrup in the center, with the rest of the syrup absorbed into the meat of the chestnut, keeping it moist and firm. Each marron glace comes individually wrapped in a gold foil, atop a cardboard placard. Besides a presentation standpoint, it allows the consumer to fully enjoy the experience of the glace. Can you taste the hint of Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans? Ingredients: Chesnuts, sugar, glucose syrup, vanilla pods.