Coop's Handmade Caramel and Vegan Hot Fudge Set

by Coop's
$ 17.45

Made with only high quality ingredients in small batches, Coop's salted caramel and vegan hot fudge is an artisanal treat. This vegan hot fudge and caramel is great with cake, brownies and ice cream! 

  • Facts: 10.6 oz. x 2. Product of USA.
  • Ingredients (Salted Caramel): Cane sugar, fresh cream, butter (whey cream, salt), salt, sunflower lecithin, vanilla extract. Contains milk. 
  • Ingredients (Vegan Hot Fudge): Coconut cream (fresh extracted coconut, water, natural, stabilizers <1%, xanthan, carrageenan, guar gum), cane sugar*, brown cane sugar*, unsweetened pure chocolate dutch process cocoa powder, coconut oil, salt. Contains coconut. *Not bone char filtered.