Chabert Guillot - Calissons de Provence, 8 oz

by Chabert Guillot
$ 15.95

These diamond-shaped sweet treats from Aix en Provence have been a favorite for centuries. Manufactured according to time-honored tradition by Chabert Guillot, these calissons contain nothing but the highest-quality almonds and crystallized melon and orange peel ground together, spread atop a rice-paper base, and covered with a white royal icing. The diamond-shaped boxes make a perfect gift. 

Whether calissons were indeed invented by a lovestruck cook on the occasion of the wedding of Jeanne de Laval to King René of Anjou in 1473 is a matter of endless speculation! 

  • Facts 8 oz. 18 cookies.  Product of France. 
  • Ingredients Almonds, candied melon (melon, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, acidity corrector E330, preservative E220), icing sugar, glucose syrup, invert syrup, candying syrup, potato starch, water, bitter almonds, egg albumin, sunflower oil, aroma. Possible traces of other nuts.