Caffarel - Gianduia 1865 Dark Chocolate Bar, 3.5 oz (100 g)

by Caffarel
$ 5.95

Not all chocolate is created equal! The famous Italian chocolatier Caffarel is one of the few confectioners to produce velvety chocolate starting from the cocoa bean. They carefully select and blend the best quality cocoa beans from around the world. One bite of this Gianduia 1865 chocolate bar and you'll taste the Caffarel difference! In fact, the Caffarel family was the first to blend hazelnut paste with fine chocolate in Turin, Italy in 1865. Chocolate lovers - you must try this Gianduia 1865 delight!

  • Ingredients: sugar, 25% piedmont hazelnut, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, low fat cocoa power, almonds emulsifier, lecithin (soya), vanillin (artificial flavouring). May contain walnuts and pistachio nuts. Contains milk. Cocoa: 43% minimum. Gluten-free.