Caffarel - Confetti Caffarelino, 0.9 oz (25 g)

by Caffarel
$ 2.85

Delightful little cone-shaped wafers brimming with a caramel flavored cream, and color-coated chocolate disks. Best of all, they are lovingly made by Caffarel, the famous Italian chocolatier. Caffarel is one of the few confectioners to produce velvety chocolate starting from the cocoa bean. These little wafers are a gourmet treat as well as a delightful fun snack to put out at parties. They make great little stocking stuffers, too!

  • Ingredients: sugar, oils and vegetable fats (coconut, palm-kernel, palm, sunflower, karate, rape-seed), cocoa mass, wheat flour, coca butter, skimmed milk powder, lactose, milk serum powder, low fat cocoa powder, salt, colorants, titanium dioxide, anthocyanins, fruit and vegetable concentrate (radish blackcurrant, lemon) riboflavin, mixed carotenes, thickener: acacia gum, coating agents: carnauba wax, beeswax, emulsifier, lecithin (soya), flavorings and vanillin (artificial flavor). May contain nuts, peanuts and eggs.