BN French Vanilla Biscuits 10.4 oz. (295g)

by BN
$ 2.75

Nothing could be simpler, or tastier, than this classic treat! A layer of vanilla is sandwiched between two cookies. It's not hard to see why Vanilla BN gradually replaced the traditional pain et chocolat ("bread and chocolate") as the snack of choice among French schoolchildren for their afterschool snack.  Truth be told, these BN Vanilla Biscuits are a huge hit for adults as well. Enjoy a few Biscuits whilst sipping your afternoon coffee for a well deserved snack break!

  • Facts: 10.4 oz. Product of France.
  • Ingredients: Cereals [wheat flour 33%, whole cereals 15.1%, (whole wheat flour 15%, whole rye flour, whole barley flour)], sugar, vegetable fats (palm, palmista, colza), starches from wheat, lactose from milk and milk proteins, glucose syrup, rising agents: ammonium carbonate, sodium carbonate, salt, powdered whole milk, flavoring, emulsifier: lecithin.  May contain traces of nuts, soy, egg, and sesame. Allergens: wheat, milk