Maruhon - Black Sesame Spread, 3.8 oz. (110g)

by Maruhon
$ 4.95

Black sesame paste is commonly used in Japanese pastries and desserts. It is made of pure roasted black sesame seeds. Black sesame paste is unique in the way that just a few tablespoons can change the dynamic of a dessert completely! Many popular recipes using black sesame paste include ice cream, chiffon cake, mochi, macarons, pudding and more! If you are a fan of Japanese desserts, you sure cannot miss this incredibly delicious paste! 

As far as how we enjoy black sesame paste? We simply use it on toasts! Enjoy this high quality black sesame paste made by Maruhon, a company that specializes in high qualuty sesame products since 1725. 

  • Facts 3.87 oz. Product of Japan.
  • Ingredients Sesame seed.