Banania Breakfast Chocolate Drink Mix 14.1 oz. (400g)

by Banania
$ 5.25

This Banania Breakfast Drink is a French treat! Made with cocoa and banana flakes, this Drink Mix also incorporates three grains into it. Banania was created after a French journalist went to Nicaragua and had a delicious drink made of cocoa, crushed grain, banana and sugar. For over 100 years Banania has been a staple in French households. Simply mix this Drink Mix with milk for a delicious breakfast beverage!

  • Facts: 14.1 oz. Product of France.
  • Ingredients: Sugar, Fat-reduced cocoa (19%), Baked grains (durum wheat flour, barley flour, malted wheat flour) 12%, Banana flakes (0.25%), Honey (0.25%), Vanilla flavoring, Salt. Allergens:  Wheat.