Andre Laurent - Sauerkraut, 28.2 oz.

by Andre Laurent
$ 5.85

Choucroute is most closely associated with Alsace, but it is a staple of brasseries, especially in Paris, where an order of choucroute will conjure a heaping platter of sauerkraut topped with a variety of sausages and various cuts of pork, with boiled potatoes on the side. Delicately seasoned, cooked with wine, its bitterness tamed by the addition of smoked bacon pieces and goose fat, the French version of sauerkraut has little in common with its American cousin. If you've been longing to make your own authentic choucroute platter, try one of these sauerkrauts from Andre Laurent; simply add whatever sausages and meats you find handy (choucroute is nothing if not accommodating and versatile.)

The choucroute in the tin is cooked with 2% lardons (smoked bacon pieces) and champagne (0.5%); the choucroute in the glass jar is made with the tender heart of the cabbage (coeur de chou), and seasoned with onions, duck fat (1%), lardons (1%), champagne, garlic, thyme, cumin, juniper berries, and pepper.

Facts: 28.2 oz. 800g. Product of France.