Amora French Dijon Large Jar and Extra Strong Mustard Set

by Amora
$ 8.25

Amora traces its roots in Dijon, the center of French mustard-making, back to 1703, but the company didn‰۪t really take off until 1934 when new industrial techniques married with a respect for traditional recipes, plus astute advertising campaigns, made Amora the most popular mustard in France.åÊYou‰۪ll hardly find a French kitchen without a jar
of Amora mustard!åÊ

  • Facts: 15.5 oz. x 2. Product of France.
  • Ingredients (Regular):åÊWater, mustard seeds, vinegar 20%, salt, citric acid, sulfites.åÊ
  • Ingredients (Extra Strong):åÊWater, mustard seeds, vinegar, salt, acidifying agent: citric acid.