3 Pack Tre Marie Classic Colomba Cake

by: Tre Marie

Tre Marie has a rich history dating all the way back to 1150. Before there was Tre Marie, there was Quattro Marie, a religious brotherhood. Known for going out into the streets of Milan in search of the needy, Quattro Marie would trade copper coins for bread and flour. They took the bread and enhanced it by adding dried fruit, eggs and sugar. Unfortunately, the Virgin Mary was taken from the sign outside their bakery and thus, Tre Marie was born. This Colomba cake recipe has been passed from generation to generation and so has the traditional process of making it. This classic Colomba cake is made with Mother Yeast, giving it the purest of tastes and is coated in classic almond icing.  When you slice into this cake, you’ll be greeted with the fragrance of candied oranges which will take you to the streets of Milan. Best served surrounded by family and friends.

  • Facts 2 lbs 7.5 oz. x 3. Product of Italy.
  • Ingredients Wheat flour, Candied orange peel 15% (diced orange peel, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, ground orange peel), Pearl sugar 10%, Sugar, Butter, Icing 9% (sugar, water, ground hazelnuts 15%, wheat flour, rice flour, egg white powder, wheat starch, sunflower oil, natural flavoring), Egg yolk, Natural leaven (contains wheat), Whole almonds 3.5%, Emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (of vegetable origin); Whey powder, Salt, Natural flavorings. Contains: wheat, hazelnuts, almonds, milk, eggs. May contain other tree nuts and soy.

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