3 Chef's Tom Yum Hot and Sour Soup Mix 8 oz

by 3 Chef's
$ 3.95

Just two spoonful’s of 3 Chef’s Hot and Sour Soup Mix to 3 cups of boiling water is all it takes to have a delicious meal in minutes. Full of peppery flavor, this soup is perfectly peppery and aromatic. 3 Chef’s has taken care of providing a sublime broth, the rest is up to you. Add shrimp, tofu, egg or beef along with mushrooms, bamboo shoots and bean sprouts for an authentic taste of Thailand.

  •  Facts: 8 oz. Product of Thailand. 
  • Ingredients: Lemon grass 18.00%, Soy bean oil 17.00%, Salt 13.50%, Water 10.50%, Shallot 10.00%, Dried chili 6.50%, Garlic 5.50%, Galanga 4.80%, Lime juice 4.50%, Kaffir lime leaves 3.00%, Shrimp extract flavor 2.00%, Pure cane sugar 2.00%, Monosodium Glutamate 1.90%, Citric acid 0.80%. Contains: soy bean, shrimp.