1880 Premium Spanish Turron Guirlache 5.2 oz. (150g)

by 1880
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Turrón de Guirlache is very similar to regular turrón, except that it uses caramelized sugar and whole fresh (unroasted) Marcona almonds instead of honey and egg white. Rich, dark caramel holds the almonds together, which is then sandwiched between a thin wafer. Do not peel the soft light white cookie wafer; it is there to be eaten. Many people think it is a paper film…but it isn’t!

  • Facts: 5.2 oz. Product of Spain.
  • Ingredients: Toasted almonds (65%), honey (15.5%), sugar, glucose syrup and wafers (potato starch, refined sunflower oil). Produced in a facility that uses egg.