samuel's collection test

Show collection list and whether their description is empty
Collection Name,Is Description empty?
., YES
1880, NO
2019 Best Selling Gifts, YES
3 chef's, YES
3:15 PM, NO
4505, YES
5J Cinco Jotas, NO
A l'Ancienne, NO
A L'Olivier, YES
A' Siciliana, YES
Aashirvaad, YES
Abbaye de Flavigny, NO
Abtey Chocolatier, YES
Acetaia Ducale, YES
Acetaia Ducale Estense, YES
Acetaia Terra del Tuono, YES
Acetum, NO
Acetum Blaze, NO
Acqua Panna, YES
Advent Calendar, YES
Advent Calendars, YES
Africa, YES
Agnesi, YES
Agostino Recca, YES
Agromonte, YES
Aiken, YES
Aioli & Mayo, YES
Air Dried Pasta, YES
Ajinomoto, YES
Akagi, NO
Alb-Gold, NO
Alba, YES
Albert Menes, YES
Albo, NO
Alce Nero, NO
Alemagna, YES
All, NO
All Gold, YES
Almdudler, NO
Almond Cakes, YES
Alpina Savoie, YES
Alquimia Murcia, YES
Alsa, YES
Alta Valle Scrivia, NO
Alyonka, YES
Amaretti, YES
Ambrosi, YES
Ambrosia, YES
Amehama, YES
America, YES
American Condiments, YES
Amora, YES
An-An, YES
Anchovies, YES
Anchovies-Mackerel-Sardines, NO
Andre Laurent, YES
Aneto, YES
Anfora d'Oro, YES
Angelo Pietro, YES
Animal Fats, YES
Anis de Flavigny, YES
Antesite, YES
Antonio Sotos, YES
Antonio Tomas, NO
Anysetiers du Roy, YES
Apidis, YES
Appel, YES
Arare, YES
Arc de Triomphe, YES
Armor Delices, NO
Arnaud, YES
Arnaud Soubeyran, YES
Aromatica, YES
Aroy-d, YES
Arroyabe, YES
Artequeso, NO
Artichokes, YES
Artikaas, YES
Artisan Provencal, NO
Artisanal, YES
AS do Mar, YES
Asahi, NO
Asaro, YES
Asha, NO
Asia, YES
Asturi, YES
Attica, YES
Auricchio, YES
Auzier Chabernac, NO
Back in Stock, YES
Badoit, YES
Badshah, YES
Bahlsen, YES
Baileys, YES
Bajamar, NO
bakerly, YES
Bakers, YES
Bakery Tsatsaronakis, YES
Baking, YES
Baking Chocolate, YES
Baking Ingredients, YES
Baladin, NO
Balconi, YES
Balsamic Vinegar, YES
Baltimor, NO
Bambino, YES
Bar Harbor, YES
Barley, YES
Barral, YES
Barruz, NO
Barry's Tea, YES
Bars & Bitters, YES
Basak, NO
Bashu Family, YES
Basmati Rice, YES
BBQ & Glazes, YES
BBQ Sauces, YES
BC FIlter Test, NO
Beans, NO
Beans, YES
Beans & Grains, YES
Bechtle, YES
Becky's Favorites, YES
Beefy Bovrite, YES
Beghin Say, YES
Beksul, NO
BelGioioso, NO
Belin, YES
Benedicta, YES
Benoit, NO
Berestov, YES
Bergen Marzipan, YES
Bernard Michaud, YES
best sellers, YES
Beverages, YES
Bibigo, NO
Bikaji, YES
Biogold, YES
Biperduna, NO
Biscottea, YES
Biscotti, NO
Biscottificio Belli, YES
Biscuiterie de Provence, YES
Biscuiterie Dunkerquoise, YES
Biscuits, YES
Bistefani, NO
Bitters, YES
Black & Red Rice, YES
Black Tea, YES
Blankxart, YES
Bledie Lekker, YES
Blue Crab Bay Company, NO
Boklunder, YES
Bokomo, YES
Bombi, NO
bonanno domenico, YES
Bone Doctors, NO
Bonito Palmito, YES
Bonne Maman, YES
Bonomelli, YES
Bonomi, YES
Bornier, YES
Botan, YES
Bottega Del Fungo, YES
Bouillon & Soup Stock, YES
Bourbon, YES
Bourgogne Escargots, YES
Braquier, NO
Brasilena, YES
Bread, YES
Bread and Pastries, YES
Bread, Cereal & Breakfast, NO
Breakfast, YES
Breitsamer, YES
Brioche, YES
Brioche Pasquier, YES
Brioschi, YES
Britannia, YES
Bronze Cut, YES
Brooke Bond, YES
brooklyn, YES
Brossard, YES
Brown & Cane Sugar, YES
Brown Rice, YES
Brunel, YES
Buckwheat, YES
Builders, YES
Bulgur, YES
Bulk, YES
Bull-Dog, NO
Bundles, YES
Burts, YES
Busha Browne's, YES
Cadbury, YES
Cafe Du Monde, YES
Caffarel, YES
Caffe Mauro, YES
Caffe Vergnano, YES
CaJohns, NO
Cakes, NO
CalabriaMia, YES
Calisson, YES
Calissons & Marzipan, YES
Callipo, YES
Calpico, NO
Campari, YES
Campiello, YES
Campiverde, YES
Candied Fruits, YES
Candies, YES
Candies and Chocolates, YES
Candies and Gummies, YES
Candy Bars, YES
Cantuccini, YES
Cape May Peanut Butter Co., NO
Caponi, YES
Caramel & Toffee, YES
Carmencita, NO
Carstens, YES
Carte Noire, YES
Casa, YES
casali, YES
Casina Rossa, NO
Castello D' Este, YES
Castillo D Canena, YES
Cata Gourmet, NO
Catskill Provisions, NO
Cavendish & harvey, YES
Cedar Forest, YES
Cemoi, NO
Central, YES
Cereal, YES
Cereal & Muesli, YES
Ceres, YES
Ceriello, YES
Chabert Guillot, YES
Chang Song, YES
Chaokoh, YES
cHarissa, NO
Charlotte erasmi, YES
Charmelle, NO
Chateau Virant, YES
Cheese, YES
Cheese Crackers, YES
CheilJedang, NO
Chencunfen, YES
Cheng Kang, YES
Cheong Woo, NO
Chestnut, YES
Chewy & Gums, YES
Chheda's, YES
Chicago Steak Company, NO
Chile Crunch, YES
Chin Chin, YES
Chin Hun, YES
Chin Yeh, YES
Chin-Chi, YES
China, YES
Chinese Condiments, YES
Ching's Secret, YES
Chips & Dip, YES
Chiquilin, NO
Choco Late Organiko, YES
ChocoHigos, NO
Chocolat Bonnat, YES
Chocolate, YES
Chocolate & Candies, NO
Chocolate Bars, YES
Chocolate Cookies, YES
Chocolate Spreads, YES
Chocolates & Sweets, NO
Chorip Dong, NO
ChoripDong, YES
Chorizo, YES
Chorizo and Salami, NO
Choung Soo, NO
Chripal, YES
Chu Noodles, YES
Chung Hsiang, NO
Chung Hsiang Foods, YES
ChungOak, YES
Chupa, YES
Cirio, YES
Classic Crackers, YES
Clement Faugier, YES
Coarse Grey Salt, YES
Coca-Cola, YES
Coconut Milk and Canned Milk, YES
Cod Liver, YES
Coffee, YES
Coffee Alternatives, YES
Coffee and Hot Chocolate, YES
Coffee Beans, YES
Coffee, Tea & Cocoa, NO
Colacchio, YES
Colavolpe, YES
Colman's, YES
Colomba Cakes, YES
Colombia, YES
Colorful & Arcobaleno Pasta, YES
Coluccio, YES
Columela, YES
Colussi, YES
Compote, YES
Concept Fruits, YES
CondiAroma, YES
Condiments, YES
Condiments and Sauces, YES
Condorelli, NO
Confiserie Azureenne, YES
Confiserie Heidel, YES
Confiserie Stanislas, YES
Confit, YES
Connetable, YES
Connorsa, YES
Consorzio Vacche Rosse, NO
Contadini, YES
Cookie Sticks, YES
Cookies, YES
Cookies & Tarts, NO
Cooking Sauces & Marinades, YES
Coop's, NO
Coppenrath, YES
Coquet, YES
Corn Chips, YES
Corsiglia, YES
Cote d'Or, NO
Couscous, YES
Crackers, YES
Crastan, YES
Cream & Paste, YES
Cremino, YES
Cremonesi, YES
Crepe Dentelle, YES
Crepes and Wafers, NO
Crispbread & Fladbrød, YES
Crispbread Toast, YES
Croatia, YES
Croissant, YES
Crostini, YES
Crown, YES
Cruzilles, YES
Cultures for Health, YES
Cuoco, YES
Cured Meats, YES
Curry, YES
Curry & Wasabi Powder, YES
Curtiriso, YES
Curtis, YES
Cut & Packaged Vegetables, YES
D-Plus, NO
Daawat, YES
Daehan, YES
Daiei, YES
Daifuku, YES
Daiichi, NO
Daiko, NO
Dais, YES
Daisho, YES
Dallmayr, YES
Dalmatia, YES
Dammann Freres, YES
Dan Sukker, YES
Daniele, NO
Darbo, YES
Dark, YES
Dashfire Bitters, YES
De Cecco, YES
De Guerande, NO
De Ruijter, YES
Dea, YES
Decaf Coffee, YES
Decaf Tea, YES
Decorations, YES
Deep Foods, YES
Delba, YES
Delices du Luberon, YES
Delicious & Sons, YES
Delicious Halloween, NO
Delicious Stocking Stuffers, NO
Delverde, YES
Denroku, NO
Dessert Fillings, YES
Destination Food Club, YES
Dezhuang, YES
Di Bruno Bros., YES
Di Martino, YES
Dijon, YES
Dips & Salsa, YES
Distillerie du Perigord, NO
Divella, YES
Divina, YES
Dobroflot, NO
Dolcezze di Nanni, YES
Dolciaria Monardo, YES
Dolgam, YES
Domaine du Siorac, YES
Don Bocarte, YES
Dongsuh, YES
Dongwon, NO
Donna Telina, YES
Doo Me San, NO
Doria, YES
Doritos, YES
Dorset Cereals, YES
Dr. Knoll, NO
Dr. Oetker, YES
Dr. Quendt, YES
Dr. Soldan, YES
Dragees, YES
dresdner, YES
Dressing, YES
Dried Fruit, YES
Dried Fruit, Nuts and Seeds, YES
Dried Herbs Garlic, NO
Dried Pasta Mixes, YES
Dried Seafood, YES
Dried Vegetables, YES
Dry Noodles, YES
Duck, YES
Duck & Foie Gras, YES
Duerr's, YES
Dydo, YES
Dynasty, YES
Easter 2020, YES
Easter Eggs, YES
Eastern Europe, YES
Eat This Yum!, YES
Ebara, YES
Ebly, YES
Edmond Fallot, YES
Effie's Homemade, YES
Egg Noodles, YES
Egg Pasta, YES
Eishindo, YES
El Almendro, YES
el Angel, YES
El Avion, YES
El Romero, YES
El Valle, YES
Elixirs, YES
Elle Esse, YES
Emily, YES
Emmanuelle Baillard, YES
Energy Drinks, YES
Erato, YES
Erin, YES
Escal, NO
Escargot, YES
Espresso, YES
Espuna, YES
Eugene Blond, YES
Europe, YES
Eurovanille, NO
Everest, YES
Evripos, YES
Extracts & Food Colors, YES
Fabbri, YES
Fall Flavors, YES
Farabella, YES
Farfalle, YES
Farro, YES
Fattoria Estense, YES
Fattoria Italia, NO
Favols, NO
Fazer, YES
Felix, YES
Fermin, NO
Ferrero, YES
Fettuccine, YES
Fiasconaro, YES
Fida, YES
Filet Bleu, YES
Filippi, YES
Filippo Berio, YES
Filled Candies, YES
Finca Helechal, YES
Finn Crisp, YES
Fischer & Wieser, NO
Fiuggi, YES
Five Roses, YES
Fjord, YES
Flahavan's, YES
Flake Salt, YES
Flavored Chips, YES
Flavored Mustard, YES
Flavored Tea, YES
Fleur de Sel, YES
Flokos, YES
Flor de Calasparra, YES
Flor de Tierra, YES
Flott, YES
Flours, YES
Flours and Mixes, YES
Flower Honey, YES
Foco, YES
Fondant, YES
Food, YES
For Clients, YES
For Her, YES
For Her, YES
For Him, YES
For Kids, YES
For Parents, YES
For Serious Foodies, YES
For Sweet Tooth's, YES
for test, YES
Ford Farm, YES
Fort-knox, YES
Fortwenger, YES
Fossier, YES
Fraccaro, YES
France, YES
France Popular, YES
Francine, YES
Francis Miot, YES
Frankie 457 Spuntino, YES
Frankies 457 Spuntino, YES
Frantoi Cutrera, YES
Frantoia, YES
fratelli marano, YES
Fratelli Minaglia, YES
Freebie, NO
Freia, YES
French Bread, YES
Fresh, NO
Fresh Bread, YES
Fresh Ideas, NO
Fresh Truffles, YES
Freshpak, YES
Frisco, YES
Frosting, YES
Fruit & Nut Bars, YES
Fruit & Nut Chocolates, YES
Fruit & Nut Snacks, YES
Fruit Butter & Curds, YES
Fruit Chips, YES
Fruit Crunch, YES
Fruit Garnishes, YES
Fruit Jams, YES
Fruit Paste & Puree, YES
Fruit Preserves, YES
Fruit-Filled Cookies, YES
Fuji, YES
Fuji Soda, YES
Fujiya, YES
Fukuro, NO
funsch, YES
Furn Yuo, YES
Furuta, YES
Fusilli, YES
Gabrid Perionmeay, YES
Galateo, YES
Galeffi, YES
Galvanina, YES
Garnishing, YES
Gavottes, YES
gecchele, YES
Geier, YES
Geier's, YES
Gelatin & Puddings, YES
Gentile, YES
Gentilini, NO
Georgia, YES
Germany, YES
Gerolsteiner, YES
Gerstacker, YES
Gerstel, YES
Gervasio, YES
Gia, YES
Giampaoli, YES
Gianduja, YES
Giarola, NO
Gift Card, YES
Gift Card Test, NO
Gift Chocolates, YES
Gifts $100+, YES
Gifts $90+, YES
Gifts Under $100, YES
Gifts Under $50, YES
Gifts Under $60, YES
Gifts Under $75, YES
Gifts Under $90, YES
Gille, YES
Gilway, YES
Gingerbread, YES
Giraudi, YES
Giuseppe Cocco, YES
Glico, YES
Glico, YES
Gluten Free, YES
Gnocchi, YES
Gochugaru, YES
Gohan Desu Yo, YES
Golden Cannoli, YES
Goldkenn, YES
Gompyo, YES
Goteborgs, YES
Goulibeur, YES
Gourmet Delicacies, YES
Gourmet Gift Boxes, YES
Grace's Best, YES
Grafschafter, YES
Grain Bread, YES
Grains, NO
Gran Pavesi, NO
Grandpa Lundquist, YES
Granola, YES
Greece, YES
Green Farm, YES
Green Tea, YES
GreenMax, YES
GrissinBon, YES
Grissini & Breadsticks, YES
Groix & Nature, YES
Ground Coffee, YES
Ground Herbs, YES
Gudao, YES
Guinness, YES
Gums and Mints, YES
gunthart, YES
Gurme 212, YES
Gyu-Kaku, NO
Haechandle, YES
Haenuki, YES
Hafi, YES
Haio Reum, NO
Haitai, NO
Haitoglou Bros, YES
Haku, YES
Hakubaku, NO
Halal, NO
Halva, YES
Halva & Delights, YES
Hamasaen, NO
Hanamaruki, YES
Hapi, NO
Har Har, YES
Hard & Bonbons, YES
Haribo, YES
Hashishou, YES
Hatchup, NO
Haywood & Padgett, YES
Hazer Baba, NO
He Fong Noodles, YES
Heidi, YES
Heinz, YES
Heirloom Beans, YES
Hela, YES
Henaff, YES
Hengstenberg, YES
Herbal Tea, YES
Herbs and Spices  , YES
Herbs de Provence, YES
Herbs, Spices & Seasoning, YES
Hero, YES
Herring, YES
Hida, YES
Hidden Springs Maple, NO
Higashimaru, YES
Hijo de Angel Rodriguez Rivas, NO
Himalayan Pink Salt, YES
Hirota, YES
Hispalana, YES
Hiyoshi Pastry, YES
Hoch, YES
Holiday Chocolate and Sweets, YES
Holiday Favorites from East, NO
Holiday Favorites from West, NO
Holiday Picks!, YES
Holy Fig, YES
Hon's Dry Noodles, YES
Hondashi, NO
Honey, YES
Honey Cakes, YES
Hot & Savory Jams, YES
Hot & Strong Mustard, YES
Hot Chili Peppers, NO
Hot Chocolate, NO
Hot Chocolate, YES
Hot Sauce, YES
Hotaru Foods, YES
House Foods, NO
Hsia Hsia Chiao, YES
Hsia Wei Hsien, YES
Hsin Tung Yang, NO
Hu Kitchen, YES
Husmor, YES
Huy Fong Foods, NO
Hwa Yuan, YES
Hwakwabang, NO
Hwang Ryh Shiang, YES
I Mei, YES
I Passionali, YES
Ice Tea, YES
Iced Coffee, YES
Ichibiki, YES
Il Boschetto, YES
Il Molino, YES
Iliada, YES
Illy, YES
Imahan, YES
Imoto, NO
Imuraya, NO
India, YES
Ines Rosales, YES
Infused & Seasoned, YES
Infused Honey, YES
Infused Oils, YES
Infused Pasta, YES
Infused Vinegar, YES
Instant, NO
Instant Coffee, YES
Instant Noodles, YES
Instant Rice, YES
Iposea, YES
Italian Cookies, NO
Italian Harvest, NO
Italy, YES
Ito En, YES
Itsuki, YES
Iwamoto, YES
Iwisa, YES
j luehders, YES
J. Gasco, NO
Jacobs, YES
Jacobsen Salt Co, YES
Jacobsen's, YES
Jacquet, YES
Jam Empire, NO
Jams & Preserves, YES
Jams and Jellies, YES
Jams, Honey & Spreads, NO
Jams, Honey and Spreads, NO
Jane-Jane, YES
Japan, YES
Japan Green Tea, NO
Japan Popular, YES
Japanese Condiments, YES
Japanese Snacks, YES
Jarred Fruit, YES
Jarred Vegetables, YES
Jasmine Rice, YES
JB's Best, YES
Jelly & Gummies, YES
Jerky, YES
Jerky & Meat Snacks, NO
Jia Her, YES
Jin Jin, YES
Jing Jih Jen, YES
Jing Yi Zhen, YES
Jinghua, NO
Jose Andres, NO
Juan Haro, NO
Juan Valdez, YES
Juice & Nectar, YES
Juice, Sparkling Drinks and Soda, YES
Kadoya, NO
Kagaya, YES
Kagayaki, YES
Kagazuru Honpo, YES
Kalfany, YES
Kameda, NO
Kanazuru, YES
Kaneso, NO
Karamalz, NO
Karine & Jeff, YES
Kasugai, YES
Kathi, YES
Kawagishi Shokai, YES
Kühne, NO
Ketchup, YES
Ketchup and Mayo, YES
Kewpie, NO
Kids Pasta, YES
Kikkoman, NO
Kimbo, YES
Kimbo USA, YES
Kimlan, YES
Kinder, YES
King Oscar, YES
Kingodo, NO
Kinjo, YES
Kirieshki, YES
Kirin, YES
Klaus, NO
Knorr, YES
Koda Farms, YES
Koikeya, YES
Kojima, YES
Kokuho, YES
Kong Yen, YES
Koo, YES
Korea, YES
Koriyama, YES
Korovka, YES
Kosher, NO
Koska, YES
Kotobuki Seika, YES
Kozima, NO
Kracie, YES
Kral, YES
Krema, YES
Kuai Kuai, YES
Kuang Chuan, YES
Kubli, YES
Kubota, YES
kuchenmeister, YES
Kuhne, YES
Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi, YES
Kwangdong, NO
L' Abeille Occitane, YES
L'Abeille Diligente, YES
L'Abeille Occitane, YES
L'Ami Provencal, YES
L'Epicurien, YES
La Bella San Marzano, YES
La Bottega, YES
La Carmela, YES
La Catedral, NO
la Cave de Labbe Rous, YES
La Dalia, YES
La Dote, YES
La Fabbrica Della Pasta, YES
La Luisa, YES
La Marne, YES
La Masrojana, NO
La Obrera, YES
La Perruche, YES
La Pescadora, NO
La Pie Qui Chante, YES
La Quercia, NO
La Reinese, NO
La San Marzano, YES
La Terra e il Cielo, YES
La Tisaniere, YES
Ladyfingers, YES
Lago, YES
Lakritsfabriken, YES
Lambertz, YES
Lancashire, YES
Landsberg, NO
Langnese, YES
Lao Gan Ma, YES
Lao Mom Noodle, NO
Lark Fine Foods, NO
Lars, YES
Lasagne, YES
Latteria Soresina, NO
Lavazza, YES
Lavender Honey, YES
Lay's, YES
Lazzaroni, YES
Le Bon Magot, YES
Le Guerandais, YES
Le Saunier, NO
Le Veneziane, YES
Leaveners, YES
Lebkuchen, YES
Lee Kum Kee, YES
Legal Sea Foods, YES
Leibniz, YES
Leksands, YES
Lentils, YES
Leroux, YES
Les Comtes de Provence, YES
Les Trois Petits Cochons, YES
Lesieur, YES
Lesley Stowe, YES
Let the BBQ Season Begin!, NO
Lian Hwa, YES
Licini Brothers, YES
Licorice, YES
Limited Luxurious Holiday Gifts, YES
Lindt, YES
Linguine, YES
Liqueur Cakes, YES
Little Pepi's, YES
Liuh Dean, YES
Liuzzi Angeloni, NO
Loacker, YES
Lollipops, YES
Lombardo, NO
Loose Tea, YES
Lorenz, YES
Lotte, NO
Lowensenf, YES
Lukashinskie, NO
Lunchbox Essentials, YES
Lupicia, NO
Lustucru, YES
Lutti Magnificat, YES
Luxardo, YES
Lyle's, YES
Macarons, YES
Maccheroni, YES
Mackays, YES
Mackerels, YES
Madeleines, YES
mademoiselle de margaux, YES
Mae Ploy, YES
Maeda-en, YES
Maeda-seika, YES
Maese Miguel, YES
Maggi, YES
Magnifici del Mezzogiorno, NO
MaiaOrganic, YES
Maida, YES
Maina, YES
Maintal, YES
Maison D'Armorie, YES
Maison Peltier, YES
Majani, YES
Mama, YES
Mamma Angelica, YES
Mancini, YES
Manner, YES
Mantova, YES
Maple Syrup, YES
Marella, YES
Marinella, YES
Market O, NO
Marlo's, NO
Marmalade, YES
Marmalandia, NO
Marrons Glaces, YES
Mars, YES
Marshmallow, YES
Martin Pouret, NO
Maruesu, NO
Maruhon, NO
Marukan, NO
Marukawa, YES
Marukin, YES
Marukyo-seika, YES
Marusho, YES
Marutoku, NO
Maruzen, NO
Marzipan, YES
Marzipan, YES
Masudaen, NO
Mathez, YES
Matilde Vicenzi, YES
Matis, YES
Matiz, YES
Maxim, NO
Maxim's, YES
Mayiski, NO
Mayskiy Food, YES
Mazzetti, NO
McVitie's, YES
Me Il Cucco, YES
Meal Kits, NO
Meals, NO
Meat and Seafood, NO
Meat and Seafood, NO
Meat Seasoning, YES
Meat Sticks, YES
Meats, YES
Mediterranea Seawater, NO
Meica, YES
Meiji, NO
Melchiorri, YES
Melfor, YES
Meliora, YES
Menraku, YES
Menu 1932, YES
Merci Chef, NO
Merro, YES
Mielbio, YES
Miles Kimball, YES
Milk, YES
Milk Tea, YES
Milka, YES
Milo, YES
Mincher, YES
Ming Teh, YES
Mirch Masala, YES
Misko, YES
Miso, YES
Misura, YES
Mitica, YES
Mixed Rice, YES
Mixers, YES
Mixes, YES
Miyakoichi, YES
Mogami, YES
Molino Camema, YES
Molino Filippi, NO
Mom's Pick Me Up, YES