Destination Food Club FAQs

What is Destination Food Club?

Destination Food Club is an exclusive club for our members to discover delicious and authentic foods from around the world at great value. Our team taste and curate some of the very best gourmet products and bring them to your doorstep. Members receive world gourmet at great value every month, and members can cancel or skip delivery anytime with full control to their membership. 

Currently we offer two great world gourmet options: Full Experience at $35.95 and Sampler at $9.95. Did we mention shipping is free :) 

When will I receive my monthly world gourmet?

We ship between the 15th and 18th of every month for orders placed prior to the 15th, with the expectations that the box will arrive within 2 to 4 business days.

If you place an order after the 15th, we will do our best to ship out your first box ASAP. 


When am I charged?

When you first join Destination Food Club, your credit card will be charged at the point of purchase. For your subsequent world gourmet purchases, your credit card will be charged on the 15th of every month if you do not skip or cancel your Destination Food Club membership.

For example, if you join Destination Food Club on 5/1, your credit card will be charged on 5/1 for May world gourmet. If you do not skip or cancel your membership, your credit card will be charged again on 6/15 for your June world gourmet. 

If you join Destination Food club on 5/20, your credit card will be charged on 5/20 for June world gourmet. If you do not skip or cancel your membership, your credit card will be charged again on 7/15 for your July world gourmet.

Is shipping free?

Yes! When you join Destination Food Club at Yummy Bazaar, shipping is always free!

Do I need to go through blah-blah-blah just to cancel?

No! Flexibility is very important (who likes forced relationship at the end of the day?!). That’s why we designed Destination Food Club in such way that you can cancel anytime by yourself. Simply log into your account and then click “Manage Subscriptions” on the left menu…

Then click “Cancel” for cancellation.

Please note that if you cancel after the 15th of a given month, you may still get your last world gourmet. If you need immediate assistance, please contact us at our toll-free number 844.YummyBazaar (844.986.6922) Monday to Sunday between 9:00am to 10:00pm EST or email us at

Can I skip a delivery?

Yes! Simply log into your account and then click “Manage Subscriptions” on the left menu…

Then go to "Delivery Schedule"

Click "Skip" next to whichever monthly delivery that you’d like to skip.

Can I change my delivery address? 

Absolutely! Just email us and let us know. Please note, any changes must be emailed before the 15th of every month. There will be extra shipping charge if you request to re-ship a box. 

Why don't you offer any first box free or discount?

While many food subscription service providers offer many types of coupons and discounts, we do not offer promotions or coupon codes for our subscription service. The Destination Food Club experience is based on highest level of service, large and growing selection of most delicious foods from around the world, and of course our gourmet subscription service is always priced at an incredible value unmatched by other service providers.

There are multiple reasons why the Destination Food Club does not provide discounts. First and foremost, we believe our subscription service offers the best value compared to retail prices of the products included, which are by themselves rather difficult to find. Furthermore, we offer toll-free customer service where you can speak to a real person, and easy-to-use subscription management platform where you can skip or cancel the subscription at any time all by yourself in a matter of several clicks. Needless to mention that our loyal subscribers earn Yummy Points upon subscription every time a box is delivered to them. These valuable Yummy Points can be redeemed against any purchase on Yummy Bazaar!

Think of the great experience delivered through beautiful packing, fast shipping, tremendous ease of managing your subscription and canceling it anytime by yourself, dedicated toll free customer service where you can speak to a real person, and of course our best in class Yummy Rewards program where our loyal customers can reap tremendous rewards by accumulating Yummy Points on their subscription and other Yummy Bazaar purchases. 

Have other questions? We are here! You could reach us at: