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Explore the World’s Favorite Pastas from Italy, Germany & More

One of the most enjoyable foods around is pasta. When you want a comforting, filling meal, pasta provides that soft yet chewy carbohydrate that goes well with everything from sauce to meat to vegetables. It can be elegant, it can be cozy, it can be leftovers eaten in front of the TV -- pasta is so versatile that it can work in almost any recipe.

So of course, if you're from Italy or another region where pasta plays a major role in the cuisine, the small pasta section in your grocery store here in the U.S. may be a bit of a disappointment. While the food itself might be decent, it's just not the same as what you'd find at home. That's where Yummy Bazaar comes in. We offer pasta from several brands and in several forms, from basic spaghetti to pasta meant for special diets. When you want those noodles you had as a child, take a look at our online store because we may have just what you're looking for.

Pasta doesn't have to be fancy. Maybe you just want some De Cecco spaghetti or cavatappi, and your local market is out; we have those varieties and more from brands that are favorites both in Europe and the U.S., including spinach and tomato pastas. But maybe you also need to plan a meal for picky eaters, children who need to be coaxed to eat whatever's on their plate. In that case, pasta shaped like Marella roses, hearts, pumpkins, Bechtle Christmas trees, or even De Cecco tennis rackets could pique their interest. Or get some far-out "zebra" linguine with squid ink for an unforgettable meal.

Italian pasta isn't the only pasta available. What if you want German pasta varieties, like Knorr spaetzle, or French pasta, like Panzani French tagliatelle? Check our pasta section for those and more.

The world of pasta has really expanded over the past several years as people on special diets wanted to once again have noodles. Pasta is typically wheat flour-based, which is a no-go for people who have to avoid wheat and gluten; this led several brands to develop gluten-free pastas made with ingredients like chickpea flour or corn. Those following kosher diets have a lot of choices from brands like De Cecco, Divella, and Di Martino. And if you simply want organic pasta, our selection is huge!

Of course, noodles alone technically aren't the only members of the pasta family. You can find several types of gnocchi in our online store, including potato, tomato, and cheese. Ravioli and tortellini are also available.

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When you want pasta from home and can't find it at your local supermarket, check out our online pasta selection and enjoy finding brands you may not have seen outside of Europe. Whether you need ready-made, dehydrated pasta or want to buy some semolina flour to try to make your own, we can help. Buy pasta online and have it sent straight to your door, with free shipping when you buy $59 or more from our web store!