Candy from Around the World

Looking for an instant pick-me-up when the day gets darker? What better way than to add a bit of sweetness to it.

Yummy Bazaar hosts one of the largest online candy selections, filled with assortments from some of the biggest and well-loved brands in the world. Shop gourmet hard candy drops, honey candies, jellies, marshmallows, toffees, licorice candies, and more!

Check out our assortment of Japanese candies if you’re interested in exploring the unique flavor and texture combinations like matcha and red bean jellies, muscat grape gummy candy, or Hokkaido-style milk candies!

If you’re more of a classics type of person, there’s always our Italian candy collection to look into! Years, and sometimes centuries, on the market have turned these candies into pantry staples all over the world. From fruity hard candy to liquor-filled candy to a large assortment of licorice candy, you’re bound to find a favorite at Yummy Bazaar.

Is the constant mess the sweets can make a concern for you? Just keep a tin box of Cavendish & Harvey’s colorful hard candy drops in a bag or a car compartment. Light, comfortable, and reusable, these tins will keep your candies from spilling no matter the situation.

Shop Imported & Artisanal Candies Online

Yummy Bazaar’s candy assortment from all over the world has something for every candy lover out there. Maybe you’re looking for old classics like fluffy marshmallows and fruity hard candy drops for an easy on-the-go snack. Or perhaps you’d prefer to explore more unique sweets like Japanese matcha candies or Italian flavored licorice. Be as it may, finding something to satisfy your cravings at Yummy Bazaar will take no more than a few minutes.