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Enjoy robust Irish tea with us at Yummy Bazaar!

Tea in the morning. And in the afternoon. And after dinner - that's the Irish way! But, really though, speaking of Ireland, you might primarily think of cheerful people enjoying their dark beer pints together to salute Saint Patrick's day, but in reality, Ireland is in the top 5 tea-drinking countries in the world. It's official - Ireland loves tea more than anything else! And when there's love, there's great care and loyalty, too, right?! That’s why the Irish are very selective when it comes to tea, the right way of brewing, the quality of leaves, and all the other details that might go unnoticed in other cases! That's why we're more than happy to carry Ireland's favorite - Barry's Tea, the premium Irish tea manufacturer, conquering customers' hearts since 1901! It's Ireland-approved, so it means it's the best!

At Yummy Bazaar, you can get your hands on nearly every blend of Barry's Tea! Don't believe us? Well, all you've got to do is browse our collection, and you'll discover the renowned Barry's Tea classic, and, trust us, they don't call it classic for no reason. Made from the 10 of the most refined tea gardens, this is a premium blend of tea, bursting with the richest aroma in the whole assortment! The first sniff and initial sip will overwhelm you with deliciousness, so if you're someone who appreciates powerful sensations, this is your must-have! It's also an excellent replacement for your morning caffeine buzz if you're looking for something more mild and velvety than your cuppa coffee!

Speaking of blends, you must check out Barry's Tea Gold Blend, the beloved masterpiece crafted from the most delicate tea leaves from Kenya, Rwanda, and the famous Assam Valley of India! Renowned for its delicious aroma, Golden Blend is much more gentle than the Classic Irish tea we just met! But don't be mistaken, none of these delightful Gold Blend tea bags will have trouble delivering the most flavorful experience to your taste buds, and they might become your new starter upper! Oh, and almost forgot - on our digital shelves, you'll also find Barry's Tea loose leaf tea - richer flavor and more robust aroma! So, set up your kettle, stock up on biscuits, and have yourself a traditional Irish breakfast!

And now it's the time for the nation's favorite - Barry's Tea Irish breakfast tea! This complex symphony of rich and refreshing tea from all over the world is perfectly paired with milk! Robust in taste and vibrant in color, Irish Breakfast tea will become your new go-to once you give it a taste!

And let's finish off with the hidden gem - Barry's Tea decaf blend is the best choice for anyone who's looking for caffeine replacement! Less than 0,2% caffeine, but it tastes just as full and rich as an ordinary Gold Blend! With this deeply colored rich tea, you'll have the most exquisite tea experience AND a good night's sleep, too!

Have your tea the Irish way: Shop Barry’s Tea online!

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