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Broaden your foodways with Badshah Masala: Shop for Indian spices at Yummy Bazaar!

Bhojana in Sanskrit means food or something to be enjoyed; we think this definition speaks perfectly of our goal, of what we like to help you achieve! At Yummy Bazaar, we’re determined to help you elevate your cooking experience, flavors you indulge your taste buds with - we’re here to introduce you to authentic sources of unique international delights for you to create wonders in your kitchen - something that all your loved ones can enjoy!

And we specifically chose the Sanskrit word for food because today we’re about to introduce the flavorful culinary experience delivered by one and only - Badshah! Since 1958, the Badshah name has become synonymous with tempting aromas and genuine flavors that have been winning hearts worldwide non-stop! The brand has become the go-to choice for every household in India and all over the world for families who are determined to broaden their culinary horizons! If you’re someone who enjoys trying your hand at something, maybe cooking new comfort food, then you must peruse our online collection of Badshah masala!

On Yummy Bazaar’s digital shelves, you will be able to find the most aromatic mix - Badshah Punjabi-style garam masala! Bursting with myriads of flavors, this spice mix is the epitome of a flavorful festival, something that everyone needs in their pantry, no matter what they choose to cook. Made from more than ten different spices, Punjabi garam masala is rich in flavor, color, and character it delivers to your food. This Indian paste for gravy is the perfect choice for someone who enjoys well-balanced heat and refined aromas filling up their kitchen. Punjabi cuisine is specifically famous for its meaty creations, paired with warm fried flatbread and Chole-Bhature, a chickpea curry! We know it might sound pretty complex, but you have done things way harder than cooking. Don’t be intimidated! Just get your kitchen supplies ready, order this magical spice mix, and let’s try something new!

With us, you can also get your hands on the most delicious Badshah chicken biryani masala! And don’t you ever think for a second that this mix is strictly for chicken biryani only! This delicious masala will become your go-to seasoning combination for all your favorite recipes; trust us, or trust the ingredients list: combining red chili, black pepper, garlic, ginger, cumin (just to name a few), we think no one can doubt the magic it will bring to your rice, stews, meaty creations, or any other delights you love to craft! It’s the hassle-free way of seasoning your food when all the spices you love are already perfectly measured and blended. Sounds comfortable, right?! So, get your hands on this spice mix for chicken biryani, and add little pizzazz to your meals with the sharp aroma and freshness it carries!

No more measuring and mixing: Badshah Masala is the hassle-free way to season your food!

Finally! You’ve discovered Yummy Bazaar! Welcome aboard! With us, you can get your hands on the most delicious assortment of international delights from all over the world! All you have to treat your taste buds to new and exciting flavors once in a while is to peruse our online marketplace, pick and choose your favorites and hit the order button! We will make sure your order gets delivered right to your door as quickly as possible!

From luxurious French pastries to authentic Indian spices, with Yummy Bazaar, you can get your hands on everything! And we’re determined to make your shopping experience as comfortable and convenient as possible, so, for you to shop as many delights as you‘d like, without hurting your wallet, on orders over $69, shipping will be free!