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Japanese Soda, Thai Coconut Water, Taiwanese Milk Tea, and More: Gourmet Beverages from Asia

Discover the world of Asian beverages online! Yummy Bazaar keeps one of the largest assortments of gourmet imported Asian beverages from all around the continent, including popular Japanese sodas and iced coffee, authentic Taiwanese Assam milk teas, gourmet coconut water from Thailand, traditional Chinese Suanmeitang - sour plum drink, and more.

Check out the Japanese beverages selection for one of the widest arrays of choices. From iconic Japanese drinks like Ramune soda and Calpico yogurt drinks to matcha to iced coffees and teas, you’re bound to find something interesting that you already love or have never tried before.

Speaking of teas, if you’re a tea lover, you must look around the Taiwanese selection for one of the largest and most unique tea assortments, from black to green to oolong to flavored Taiwanese milk teas; there’s an option for every tea lover here.

And don’t overlook our Thai selection for more rare options. Now you can quickly get high-quality gourmet coconut water and milk, renowned for their aroma and flavor.

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Yummy Bazaar strives to create easy access to all the hard-to-find gourmet items! We host one of the largest online selections of Asian beverages, carefully curated to include a wide variety of familiar classics and new and unique options. Buy unique Ramune Japanese soda or classic fruity sparkling drink, gourmet coconut water, Taiwanese milk tea, grass jelly drink, and, of course, don’t forget to check out our large selection of iced teas from all over Asia. Getting authentic gourmet Asian beverages delivered to your doorstep is now only a matter of a few clicks. Simply stock your cart with your favorites, and we’ll do the rest!