Turkish Patlican: The Extraordinary Eggplant Salad You Need

Turkish Eggplant Dip Patlican  

In the tasty world of Turkish cuisine, there are a great many dishes fashioned from eggplant. It’s one of the main ingredients you’ll find there, which is good news if you like eggplant. And even if you don’t, Turkish cuisine can turn you into an absolute lover of all things eggplant.

Such is the case with Turkish Patlican. It’s one of the shining stars of Turkish cuisine. This cold salad is often served as an appetizer and is made from roasted eggplant and seasonings and is served chilled.

Istanbul, Turkey

 "Istanbul" by Pedro Szekely

Patlican can come in other varieties too, some of them hot. You’ll see it presented in the scooped-out eggplant, and it almost resembles a shoe. In fact, Patlican Papucaki is the name of that dish, with “papucaki” coming from the Persian word of “paposh.” In Turkish, this translates to “shoe” or “slipper” which is very fitting of the presentation.

Eggplant for Turkish Eggplant Salad Patlican

However, you don’t need to go through all of that or become Cinderella searching for her lost slipper of eggplant. You can enjoy Turkish Patlican straight from the jar. Tamek makes two varieties of Turkish Patlican. You’ll find it in Roasted Eggplant flavor as well as Hot Roasted Eggplant flavor. The difference between the two is that one is spicy whereas the other is not.

 Falafel Plate with Turkish Patlican

 "House Felafel Salad - Limor's AUD30" by Alpha

If you’re a fan of spicy things, you’ll probably enjoy the spicier version. If not though, the Roasted Eggplant flavor will do just nicely. You can serve it prior to any meal, or make it as a dip which is perfect for parties. Everyone will love the slightly smoky flavor of the eggplant melded with garlic. Even people that don’t typically enjoy eggplant will find this to be a tasty treat. Often, they’re surprised to learn that it’s made with eggplant.

Garnish it with cilantro, or add red peppers if you wish. It goes beautifully with fresh toasted pita bread. You can also include a tray of olives, artichoke hearts, and other lovely items to adorn it with. It’s an eggplant salad dish that you’ll wish you’d discovered sooner, but hey, there’s no time like the present to start making up for lost time!


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