The Sweet Life of Pralines

Aux Anysetiers du Roy Chocolate Praline Fondue

Some people think pralines are nuts, however that’s not completely true. Pralines are a confection made from nuts, sugar and cream, so while you’re not mistaken about there being nuts involved in this, pralines themselves are not nuts.

Belgium is, quite arguably, one of the best places for chocolates in the world. Pralines in Belgium are revered as the luxury chocolate, with a shell filled with soft, almost liquid filling. However, other places do pralines well too in their own way.

 Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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In France, pralines are a firm blend of almonds along with caramelized sugar. American pralines are a bit softer. They have a creamier texture made from syrup derived from either hazelnuts, pecans, or almonds plus milk or cream. With American pralines, they’re more like fudge.

A wonderful way to enjoy that praline flavor is to use it as a fondue. Dark Chocolate Praline Fondue by Aux Anysetiers du Roy is spectacular for turning an ordinary occasion into an extraordinary one. Aux Anysetiers du Roy was an intensely popular restaurant in the 1960s, located on Paris’ Ile Saint-Louis near Notre-Dame. The authentic recipes they presented were Provençal specialties that used olive oil, garlic, and aromatic herbs.

Chocolate Covered Oranges

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Among the many delightful things they offered, chocolate fondue was one of the most popular. Available in a perfectly-sized microwavable crock, it makes adding a luxurious dessert to the end of a dinner party or something special for a romantic night for 2 incredibly easy. Once heated, dipping fresh strawberries, bits of cakes, marshmallows, or cookies into it is divine!

 Dark Chocolate

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There are plenty more ways to enjoy praline flavors from around the world too. Some others to try are Bergen Marzipan Rum Pralines and Gluten Free Assorted Premium Pralines Chocolates by Venchi. They make for great gifts for birthdays or just to make someone, even yourself, feel special. The mere taste of pralines is enough to melt all your cares away. It’s nice to partake in something special every now and then. Serve it with champagne and toast to a good life!

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