Step Up Your Side Dish Game with Dr. Knoll Potatoes

Dr. Knoll Potatoes

"German" potato" by Naotake Murayama

Americans favor potatoes as side dishes. Walk into any home on any given night and you’re bound to see them mashed, baked, fried or in some other way. Sometimes though, we get a little tired of the same old potato. 

Dr. Knoll is a German brand that makes delicious potato side dishes. They’re ready to cook as-is without adding any seasonings, making them a fantastic choice to have on hand for a busy weeknight! 

German Potato Dumplings Knodel

"Knodel and Sauerkraut - Austrian Airlines" by Andrew Nash

The potato dumplings are an excellent choice. In Germany, they are a favorite side dish. Typically, they take all day to fashion by hand, but Dr. Knoll potato dumplings are ready-made. They have a light, airy feel to them while still being a bit decadent. They go great with any German main dishes, especially sausages, though you could easily serve them alongside steak in your own kitchen.

German Fried Potatoes

"Matjes + Bratkartoffeln in Hameln" by Marco Brandstetter

Dr. Knoll also makes fried potatoes. They’re sliced into rounds and sealed in a thick foil packaging. All you need to do is empty the contents into a pan and roast them for around 10 to 15 minutes over medium heat. They’ll be ready to go with anything, particularly sausages.

German Shredded Potatoes Rosti

"Salmon Rosti" by A Healthier Michigan

The shredded potatoes by Dr. Knoll are an easy way to make a potato pancake, which is like a big hash brown. Making hash browns or potato pancakes can be a hassle because you have to grate your potatoes. But these come shredded in vegetable oil. Like the potato rounds, they’re sealed in thick foil packaging. You simply pour it into your pan and cook it for 10 to 15 minutes over medium heat, flipping halfway to get a perfectly golden hue on each side. Again, you can serve these with sausages or any German main dish. Or have it for breakfast.

However, you enjoy any of these Dr. Knoll potato side dishes, you should do as the Germans do and serve pickles with them too. Then it will be a completely German experience right in your own home.

Dr Knoll Fried Potatoes

Do you like German cuisine? Dr. Knoll makes it easy to bring it into your home, even if you’ve never tried your hand at cooking German foods before. These potato side dishes make any home cook look like a pro. Grab some German sausages or hot dogs and serve for a delightfully German meal!


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