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Italian Gluten Free Fusili

If you’re looking for delicious organic foods, Probios is most certainly the brand for you. An Italian company with a real passion for high quality products, Probios’ mission is to provide fine quality, nutritious, and organic vegetarian and vegan products to its customers. The company name is derived from the Greek word PRO, which means ‘in favor of’ and BIOS which means ‘life’ so ‘in favor of life’. That should give you a clue as to just how passionate they are about their foods. Founded back in 1978, Probios has gone from strength to strength. Their mission is to create organic food and provide everybody with affordable products that are packed full of flavor and goodness. A company that actually cares about its customers and the environment is incredibly rare these days, which is why Probios continues to expand with each passing year. Below we’ll provide a brief overview of some of their most popular products:

Homemade Pizza

Homemade Pizza by Jakub Kapusnak 

Tomato passata – Made from fine quality sun-ripened tomatoes, Probios’ Tomato Passata is a welcomed addition to any food cupboard. The tomatoes are incredibly flavorful, fully organic, and absolutely delicious. The Passata itself can be used to create a whole variety of different dishes, including pizza and pasta!

Cheese, Black Cherry Compote, White Pretzel

"Cheese, Black Cherry Compote, White Prezle" by City Foodsters

Cherry compote – This Cherry Compote really is something special. The cherries used are fully organic and only the most seasoned of fruits. The Compote is also cooked traditionally, over open fire where it is cooked slowly for a long duration. This means no pectin needs to be added, and that the compote gradually thickens as time passes. Perfect to spread over bread, use on a cheese plate or enjoy as it is!

Spelt Grissini wrapped in Prosciutto

Spelt Grissini – Spelt Grissini breadsticks are full of flavor and are very unique in that they’re made from spelt flour. The flour is combined with high quality olive oil which gives these breadsticks the most amazing aroma you could ever imagine. Perfect as an aperitif before eating, these grissini are perfectly crunchy. We love wrapping them with prosciutto for appetizers!

Buckwheat Spaghetti

Buckwheat Spaghetti – Buckwheat Spaghetti is a perfect alternative to regular pasta and is great for those with allergies and who are looking to become gluten free. Made purely from Buckwheat flour and sunflower lecithin, which is fully organic, this Buckwheat Spaghetti is delicious. If you’re looking to give your Spaghetti Bolognese a twist, this is the ideal product for you!

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Vegan Hazelnut Cocoa Spread – Designed to serve as a much healthier alternative than other chocolate hazelnut spreads, this Vegan Cocoa Hazelnut Spread is the real deal. Cultivated in Tuscia in the centre of Italy, this delicious spread contains no palm oil, is gluten free, and is fully organic. Perfect to spread directly onto bread, or even eat straight from the jar, if you’re craving something deliciously decadent, this cocoa hazelnut spread is perfect!

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