Live Life to the Crisp with Sibell Potato Chips

Potato Chips

"Betcha can't eat just one" by Kate Ter Haar

When you think of French food, you probably think of escargot, cheese, and plenty of wine. But the French also love their potato chips, particularly Sibell Potato Chips. Founded in 1988 as Délichips in Aubagne, France, this small manufacturer of potato chips wound up buying out Sibell in 2003, which had been around since the 1950s. Since then, it’s remained a small potato chip producer that focuses on quality, crispness and fantastic flavors.

Accordingly, they are the first French chips to use sunflower oil, making them a delicious snacking option, especially for those who can’t say no to chips.

 Roast Chicken

There are a variety of tasty flavors from Sibell Potato Chips and trying them all to find your favorite is loads of fun. Roast Chicken has all the flavors you love about a whole roasted chicken, dripping in pan juices with savory tastes and aroma in crispy chip form. Meanwhile, Truffle provides that earthy flair that only truffles know how to do so well. It’s a flavor that could easily be paired with your favorite wine, too.

French Provence Herbs

Provence Herb is one of the most popular flavors there is. Made with the famed herbs of Provence, you get pops of thyme, basil, rosemary, lavender, oregano, and tarragon. It’s the ultimate palate-pleaser.

Sibell French Blue Cheese & Walnut Potato Chips

Looking for a more royal taste? The Blue Cheese and Walnut flavor is everything you love about a good cheese plate in the form of crisp chips. That zesty, sharp and salty flavor melds with the mellowness of the walnuts for the perfect blend.

Cep Mushroom flavor takes the other types of fungi and gives you them in a portable and crunchy format. The blend of mushroom flavors along with the potato make for a fine match. We love pairing these with onion dips!

Sibell French Potato Chips

Smoked Salmon is revered the world over, ideal for topping little toasts. Its supple texture and bold smoky flavor make for a pure palate pleaser. In the form of a chip, it is hailed as absolute divinity.

One last flavor by Sibell Potato Chips to consider is Mustard and Honey. The biggest condiment of France is mustard, so it should come as no surprise that this is one of their most prized flavors. The boldness of mustard is a natural pair for naturally sweet honey, making for a chip that truly satisfies the senses.

So which of Sibell’s flavors will you try first?


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