Live Life Sweeter with Swedish Syrups

Live Life Sweeter with Swedish Syrups

Elderflower Cocktail

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One of the things you’ll love about Swedes is their affinity for syrups. Known as "sirap" over there, it’s a very common element in the enjoyment of foods. You’ll find maple syrup, molasses, golden syrup, treacle syrup, and of course Lingonberry Syrup and Elderflower Syrup.


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The last two are perhaps the most interesting of all. They give a sweet fruit taste to anything you add them to. Lingonberry syrup tastes a lot like cranberry. In fact, cranberries and lingonberries look incredibly similar and it’s easy to confuse the two. Lingonberry syrup is a bit sour and tart, and if you like cranberries, it will be a welcome topping to your favorite things.

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You can (and should!) try using lingonberry syrup on pancakes and waffles. You can craft exciting cocktails with the addition of this syrup as well. You can even use this bittersweet syrup to make a fantastic sauce to go with fresh salmon or drizzle it on fine cuts of cheese.

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Elderflower syrup is also revered providing a sweet flavor that’s a bit tart and tangy all at once. This syrup is also kid-approved. A great use for elderflower syrup is as a sweet and fruity topping for your ice cream. You can even do it with lingonberry syrup too, but elderflower has a sweeter taste that seems perfectly suited to topping ice cream.

Elderflower syrup is also used to make delicious drinks and cocktails. Mix this syrup to make martinis, margaritas and the perfect gin drink!

The Swedes really know how to live life sweeter, and if you use syrups from Sweden, you’ll taste the difference too! Try this traditional drink, Fläderblomssaft Spritzer, an Elderflower cordial!

Elderflower Cordial Cocktail

Makes: 2 tall glasses
Time: 10 mins.

You’ll Need:

4T elderflower syrup
4 lemon wedges
3C lemonade
3C sparkling water
Ice, for serving


Step One:
In a large pitcher, combine the elderflower syrup, lemonade and sparkling water. Whisk to combine.

Step Two: Pour into two glasses prepared with ice. Garnish each glass with two lemon wedges. Enjoy!

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