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Japanese Rice Crackers

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Japan, you likely returned home from your trip forever changed after trying the snack foods there. With Japanese snacks, it is as much about the packaging as what’s inside. The wrappers are bright and inviting and almost always have some fun character beckoning you to take a taste. Do you dare?

Japanese Dried Squid Shred

Yes, you do. Because if you don’t, you’ll miss out on some of the most delightful snacks you’ve ever had. But before you take a taste, remember that the Japanese palate is a little bit different than the average Americans. Many of the flavors you’ll encounter for salty or savory snacks might not be what you would expect. A lot of these snack items will be made out of rice, like crisp Rice Crackers. These Rice Crackers are made with soy sauce and other Japanese flavors and come in a variety of shapes, making snacking not just delicious but also fun. You’ll also find a lot of choices include seaweed. Don’t be afraid to try it! This seaweed is not the same seaweed that touches your leg while you swim at the beach, making you think you’re the next Jaws victim. The seaweed in these snacks is crispy, perfectly salty and highly addictive.

Japanese Seaweed Crackers

For sweeter snacks, you’ll often come across a dark filling inside snacks like mochi, a soft type of rice cake that’s eaten as a dessert. At first you might think it is chocolate, but alas it is not; it’s red bean paste. It might sound odd to pair a sweet dessert with something made of beans, but you would be pleasantly surprised. Red bean paste is super delicious and adds a wonderful texture to whatever it is added to. The red bean paste accentuates the flavor of what it is paired with. With sweet snacks, red bean paste is usually sweetened and is used as a filling in items that range from mochi to Japanese Pancakes and more! Pastes are a very common ingredient in Japanese sweet snacks, another popular type being sesame.

Japanese Pancake with Red Bean Paste

So what Japanese snacks should you try? Well, in addition to seaweed and soy sauce crackers or soft dried squid shreds, you simply must try Japanese Kit Kats. One thing we are really jealous of is the amazing variety of Kit Kat flavors offered in Japan. Matcha Green Tea, Raspberry, and Mini Baked Butter Cookie are just some of the delicious varieties that Japan has to offer.

However, perhaps the most popular of all Japanese snacks is Pocky. Pocky is a crispy snack stick covered in chocolate coating. It is not only delicious, but fun to eat! The biscuit sticks are perfectly crisp and with a wide variety of flavors, the choices are endless. Pocky comes in a box that is packed with numerous chocolate coated straws, which is great because when it comes to Pocky, it’s so good that more is always better.

Japanese Pocky

Like Kit Kat, the flavors of Pocky are all astounding. There are so many flavors that it is hard to pick which one is your favorite. From classic chocolate to strawberry cheesecake, to matcha green tea and even red bean, Pocky is incredibly delicious! Japanese snacks are definitely one of a kind, and offer a wide range of flavors that usually go unknown. So go ahead, get crazy and give Japanese snacks a try!

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