Condensed Coconut Milk: The Dairy-Free Secret to Your Cooking Success

Condensed Coconut Milk: The Dairy-Free Secret to Your Cooking Success


We all know Thai food is delicious, that’s a given. Full of fresh flavors and delicious combinations, how could you go wrong? But the real question is, what helps make Thai food so delicious? Luckily, we have found out the answer!  You’ll find Condensed Coconut Milk in everything from Thai curries to Thai iced tea. Condensed Coconut Milk provides a deliciously creamy and sweet balance to a plethora of Thai dishes.

Thai Milk Tea

Condensed Coconut Milk is a very versatile ingredient, it adds an incredible flavor to any dish, even if you’re not cooking Thai food. You can use it in drinks, fish recipes, and especially desserts. Best of all, it’s a marvelous substitute for those who are dairy-free. This completely vegan ingredient is ideal for replacing dairy items in other recipes to make them vegan and dairy free friendly.

Maya Bay, Thailand

Condensed Coconut Milk can add creaminess and sweetness to anything, which is why it is ideal for cooking and baking.  Whether it be meat or baked goods, Condensed Coconut Milk keeps everything moist and tender, and who doesn’t love that? When baking, it’s important to note that although it is Coconut Milk, the coconut flavor is very subtle. Because the flavor is not extremely powerful, you can safely replace non-vegan ingredients with Condensed Coconut Milk without fear of making something coconut-flavored.  

Thai Coconut Sorbet Pops

Want to give Condensed Coconut Milk a whirl? Try making this Thai street food favorite: Coconut Sorbet!



½ Cup Coconut Condensed Milk

1 Cup Coconut Milk

½ Cup water

Shredded coconut for garnish



  1. Combine Condensed Coconut Milk and regular coconut milk together. Stir (or use a hand mixer) until smooth.
  2. Add water, mixing again until combined. Fill popsicle molds or transfer mixture to a freezer-safe bowl or dish and freeze for 3 hours.
  3. When you are ready to serve, pop out the pops or scoop sorbet and top with shredded coconut!


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