Chorizo: The Spanish Sausage You’ve Been Missing

Spanish Chorizo

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Spain’s glorious chorizo, or pork sausage, is like a gift from the heavens. It incorporates an ancient Roman method that utilizes natural casings for a delicious flavor. While chorizo is made in many of other countries including Portugal and Mexico, the variety from Spain is one of the most revered in the world.

Spanish Chorizo

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In Spain, chorizo has a very distinctive smoky flavor and a very deep red hue thanks to the use of dried and smoked red peppers. Chorizo comes in short, long, hard, or soft varieties. There are also leaner versions of it, which are commonly served at room temperature. You should enjoy these leaner chorizo varieties as an appetizer or tapas with some good wine and cheese. The fattier versions are used for cooking, the fat rendering off to make for a divine dining experience.

Spanish Chorizo

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Chorizo can also be sweet or spicy. There was once a rule of thumb that declared long and thin chorizos were sweet and short ones were spicy, but it’s not set in stone. Chorizo is made from chopped up pork and pork fat. It’s seasoned with smoked paprika and salt. Depending on the type of paprika used, it will either be spicy (picante) or sweet (dulce).

Spanish Chorizo

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The best way to eat chorizo at room temperature is to slice it up onto crusty bread for a sandwich. You can grill it or fry it when you cook it. Or try simmering it in some form of alcohol for a real treat.

Spanish Chorizo

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Palacios is an authentic Spanish brand of chorizo that uses an old family recipe. They make their chorizo the traditional way. You’ll find Palacios chorizo in mild and hot. It’s ready to eat as-is, or you can cook it if you’d prefer it at a hot temperature. Palacios dry cures their chorizo so you can eat it right out of the package with a crusty loaf of bread and a lovely glass of wine. Try something from the La Rioja wine region for a beautiful match made in heaven!

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